الجمعة، 4 ديسمبر 2015

Come Back

It’s been a long time since I wrote my last post. I even feel like I forgot how to write and also forgot how to write in English!

Too many things happened in the last 4 years. Waaaaah I've just noticed that already 4 years passed!

My second year in USA was much easier than my first year which was full of homesickness. It was better maybe because of my friends and classmates. I used to spend my whole day in the university specially in the library. It was like my second home cuz I was leaving it at almost midnight. The reason behind this was not that I wanted to study. It was because I was scared to go home even though I had a roommate. When I go to my apartment early my mind travels across the ocean. Thinking about my city, my friends, my family, my brothers and sisters and my parents. It was horrible feeling thinking about what if something bad happens to them. In one of my previous posts I talked about a dream in which my city Benghazi was attacked by Gaddafi again. Sadly the dream somehow came true. Other parties started to attack Benghazi. During my stay in USA things were still somehow fine; at least people were still in their houses, go to work, study … Etc. However the news coming from there was not good at all. It started when my neighbor got killed. At that moment I felt like hell and I rewinded every single memory with that neighbor. He was a good man who used to help the whole neighborhood. The time when I heard this sad news was my last semester in my masters. I was also working on my graduation project. I felt so shattered and and that I just wanted to quit everything and go back. I don't know how I survived till graduation. Really till this moment I feel it was a miracle.

Although I was having a tough time because of that I also feel blessed having awesome friends and classmates whom I still in contact with till now. They were my second family and they really took care of me in my worst times ever. May god bless them!

After finishing my semester and my degree successfully I stayed in USA for a month. During that month I got the chance to hang out with my classmates and friends more. I even got presents and sweet letters from them that I am still keeping till now ❤️

Three days before leaving USA I got to know that the airport that I was supposed to land in was closed. This airport is 4 hours away from my city since the one in the city was already closed few months ago due to security reasons. I knew from that moment that things won't be easy and I was right. My flight landed in Tunisia and I was supposed to stay there for an hour transit however this hour turned into three days of waiting a plane that is going to Libya. I wasn't alone, there were tens of Libyans who were stuck even before I come and also who came after me. It was sad seeing my people suffering this way. In the third day I was lucky enough  to find a plane that is going to Libya.

I think I will stop here …lots of stories to tell but another time :)
Good night

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  2. I am so please that you could finally get here . Thank you for sharing your life . It seems that you had a trouble been away and going back . Unfortunately , the world doesn't make it easy to Libyans although they all have advantages from Libya more than any other country . I felt your emotions among words so may Allah bless you and save you . Libyans has lost a lot of good people it's good to have you .